5 Villages (Trailer)

Over a period of three weeks, Andrianus “Oetjoe” Merdhi (Sumte/Niedersachsen), Wahyu Utami Wati (Pellworm/Schleswig-Holstein), Bani Nasution (Leidingen/Saarland), Tunggul Banjaransari (Welzow/Brandenburg) and Rahung Nasution (Wildpoldsried/Bayern) lived in a distinctly German environment in five different states in Germany. They conducted their research and produced their short documentary film without any additional crew members. Each director had only one partner; a film student appointed by the HFBK Hamburg. The topic, the story, the angle, the design, and the production of the short documentary were decided on the spot by each filmmaker.

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(source: Goethe Institut Indonesien)